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About Ben

I am a 2nd degree Black belt in Taekwondo and I’m fully insured as a martial arts instructor. I also compete on a regular basis all over the UK. I have found that Martial Arts can easily incorporated into your daily exercise routine allowing it to be fun and effective. Here are my achievements over the past few years:

GTI English Open Championships 2018- Gold medal sparring

GTI Blackbelt competitor of the year 2016-2017

GTI British Open Championships 2017 – Gold medal sparring

GTI English Open 2017- Gold medal sparring

GTI British Open 2016- Gold medal sparring

GTI National Open 2016- Gold medal sparring

North West Taekwondo Open 2016- Gold medal sparring

ITF Union European Championships Budapest 2016- Bronze medal sparring, Bronze medal mens team sparring

GTI English Open Championships 2016- Gold medal continous sparring

GTI British Open Championsips 2015- Silver medal continuous sparring

Itf Open World Championships, Italy 2015- quater finalist, 2 bronze medals

KWON Grand slam series- March 2015- Silver medal light continuous

GTI English Championships 2015- Silver medal continuous sparring

GTI British Championships 2014- Gold medal points sparring, Gold medal continuous

GTI National Championships 2014- Silver medal Points sparring, Silver medal continuous sparring

P.U.M.A Taekwondo World Championships 2014- Bronze medal

GTI English Championships 2014- Silver medal point sparring, bronze continuous sparring

P.U.M.A British Open 2013- Bronze medal, mens team sparring

GTI National Open 2013- Silver medal continuous sparring,

GTI English Open 2013- Silver medal continuous sparring

Irish International Championships 2012- Bronze medal team sparring

GTI British Championships 2012- Silver medal point sparring, Silver medal continuous sparring

GTI National Open 2012- Gold medal point sparring, Gold medal continuous sparring, Silver medal patterns

P.U.M.A world championships 2012

Scottish Taekwondo Open 2012- Silver medal

MWTA Taekwondo Open 2012- Gold medal

GTI English Championships 2012- Silver medal

GTI British Open 2011- Gold medal

GTI National Open 2011- Silver medal

GTI English Championships 2011- Silver medal

GTI British Open 2010- Gold medal

London Open Taekwondo Championships 2010- Silver medal

Rick Dubidat’s, Black belt Inc Tournament 2010- Silver medal sparring

MWTA Open Taekwondo 2010- Gold medal

GTI English Open 2009- Gold medal

A.P.T.I National Championships 2009- Gold medal


Your Life Health and Fitness is currently offering a ‘6 weeks to fitness’ class at Siddington Village Hall near Cirencester. The class has been designed as a six consecutive weeks training programme and limited to 5 places during each class. ‘6 weeks to fitness’ caters to all abilities ranging from a regular exerciser to complete novice, the benefit to having a small class is that each person is able to have one to one training throughout the circuit. Exercises that are included in the class cover a wide variety from Fit ball exercises, Bosu ball, kettle bells, pad work to resistance bands…and many more!

Every Tuesday: 11am-12pm

Uley Pavilion

Lampem Hill Road


GL11 5BW

Every Friday at:

Siddington Village Hall

Ashton Road





Class times:


Class 1: 9.15am-10.15am

Class 2: 10.30am-11.30am